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Life Teen

Life Teen Logo Youth Group program for Grades 9-12Life Teen strengthens our teens' Catholic identity, while rooting them firmly in Christ and in His Church

We at St. John of the Cross and throughout the Toronto Archdioceses believe a revolution is happening.

And we believe that this revolution is taking place in our Church, in our homes, in our schools and in our workplaces. It is a Catholic revolution, it is a generation of teenagers, parents, young and old alike who are rising up to proudly live their lives for Jesus Christ. The LIFE TEEN ministry at St. John of the Cross is a small part of this larger movement that extends far beyond the walls of our parish.

LIFE TEEN began as a ministry in 2005 in Arizona & has since spread through North America. It seeks to be guided by the Holy Spirit through the intercession of Mary, drawing strength through the
Holy Mass and Eucharist. The LIFE TEEN mission is embodied in three parts:

  1. We are a mission-based ministry. We strive to meet teenagers where they are at. Sometimes this is a very broken place; a place of doubt and hurting. To do this as effectively as we can we appropriate parts of their culture in order to effectively preach the Gospel.

  2. We are a Christ-centered, relational ministry. Utilizing the model Jesus gave on the road to Emmaus, we seek to form Christ-centered relationships with teenagers. We commit to walk with them on their faith journey and lead them ultimately to the Eucharist and the Holy Mass.

  3. We are a revolutionary ministry. Jesus and his disciples preached a radical message, never sacrificing the Good News for the sake of public opinion. In the same way we seek out new ways to preach the Gospel to teenagers without sacrificing its message, and to bring them into the ancient traditions of our Church using non-traditional methods.