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Parish Women's Group

The Parish Women's Group has a three-point mission:

  1. To gather together
  2. To support each other
  3. To grow together in faith

We do this by doing activities together, learning together, and serving the parish community together. The Parish Women's Group is a homegrown ministry of the parish, meaning that this originated from St. John of the Cross Parish, for St. John of the Cross ladies. We regularly meet every month and more frequent during spiritual studies.

For more information, please contact the Parish Office.



The families at St. John of the Cross Parish had a wonderful time outdoors. The Lord blessed us with good weather which enabled us to play games together, enjoyed the food that each family brought, and made great memories as one community.

Thank you all for participating in this wonderful gathering. Thank you to the Parish Women's Group Picnic Team, and most importantly, thank you, God!

A Compilation of Photos and Videos from the Fall Family Picnic